You Were There

Studio C Gallery – Los Angeles, CA – August 2018

There comes a moment when we realize we are no longer a child. No longer a whimsical, naive, innocent bundle of energy floating in space. Womenhood to me was always a fleeting futuristic concept; sexuality a struggle of self-identity and self-confidence. In this piece, I explore an aftermath of the freeing experience of sex. The reality of conception as both a fear and fantasy. The lingering confusion, pain, and self doubt following my miscarriage. The music boxes are symbolic of childhood, with their haunting combined harmonies emulating the competing emotions that have rattled my brain the last few months. The blanket made of masks is a remnant from my performance “Sanitary Satisfaction”, in which I shed my protective skin to reveal the body beneath that I struggle to love and accept. And the teddy bear a symbol for what could have been.




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