We Are Made of Memories

The Brothel – Niland, CA – April 2019

Using photo remnants from my performance earlier in the year “DE-Compartmentalization” I continued on a journey exploring the memories of my life, and how the images collected over the years provide merely peeks into the sensory experience of those moments. We are made of memories. We are a compilation of experiences fragmented and put back together again over and over as we discover who we are based on who we’ve been in the past. I walked the desert in a full suit with photographs from my life sewn by hand across the entire surface of the garment front and back. I stood atop a foam platform with three buckets of paint in front of me. I took my shoes off and then proceeded to tear off each of the photos from my body and cast them aside on the ground. I tore off as many as I could reach, and then proceeded to pour each bucket of paint onto my clothed body, covering myself in color. I then removed the suit, dropping it onto the foam platform and began to walk toward the man-made pit of water in front of a building long-since abandoned in the desert heat. I washed my body with the water and then emerged again to face the audience. Cleansed from the physical burden of my memories and yet forever imbued with the history that is myself.

Performance for Morton Salt Children’s Religious Revival – Year Twelve


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