Toxic Thoughts

East Jesus – Slab City, CA – 2017

Toxicity. The burning questions and bleak realities of life’s struggles. Shredding painful memories. A fear of eviction. Sickness from toxic mold. Racing anxiety jumbling thoughts so fast that all plans sound frantic and no confidence to follow through. Escaping and returning. Life turned upside down. During this performance, I read entries from my personal journal from the past year; intimate entries from a year of loss, confusion, relocation, uprooting and mental unrest. I invited all who entered the Beauty Room at East Jesus to put on a face mask, as a physical symbol of protection for the metaphysical toxins coming from my writings. I sat nearly naked, wearing a mask myself, sitting in a salon chair facing myself in the mirror, looking away from the audience which was encouraged to explore the room as I spoke.

Performance for Morton Salt Children’s Religious Revival – Year Ten



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