Artist at Simpli Unique

I’m excited to say I have made my first official business deal for my art career by being a part of an upcoming design company for cell phone cases with the focus on artist collections. The usual cell phone case designs are mass productions casually slapped onto surfaces for sale; Simpli Unique takes actual working… Continue reading Artist at Simpli Unique

Soaked Strings

Drawings from the series “Soaked Strings” Soaked strings, streams of ink thick and thin. Clumps and pools, and vast deserts of empty space. The marks are an attempt at harmony and yet with a furious dissonance. Quick energetic marks play with the subtitles of each pigments application. The crumbling, gritty and dried-out quality of the… Continue reading Soaked Strings

Artist Journal #18

“Overlapping of Perceived Shape” Concealing, overlapping, skewed, misrepresented visual information. Cake. Caked desert. Harsh desert sand and heat. Red hot heat; not blood red. Tension, outlining. Lost imagery. Created boundaries. Depth by illusion and actuality. Continuous motion. Frustrated. Dirt, dirty, dust, dusty. Entangled. I saw the shapes. They came to me in my vision. They… Continue reading Artist Journal #18


These panels are a series informed heavily by the processes of excavation. The surface of each panel developed through layers of paint and collage over the period of nearly a year, with each new session bringing both new overlapping layers as well as scraping away of older layers. A history of creative problems solving lies… Continue reading Excavation

Organ Collage

The saturated colors of magazine clippings in paring with the brilliancy of alizarin crimson, make for potent imagery that appears almost microscopic in nature. Examples shown are small experiments indicative of an idea for future larger works.

Advanced Painting Sketchbook (2013-2014)

This is a sketchbook I hand-bound and began using in my advanced painting class of winter 2013. I still work in this sketchbook today, and it still proves to be vitally important to my current studio work.