Artist Journal #19

6/20/14 Connections. Pieces connect together to create a new non-preconceived element of visual experience. The passion of creation is unparalleled by any other experience in my life. It is my drug, my escape. On this alcohol, I can let myself go and create incredibly manic and powerful marks. The intensity of working, of painting, of… Continue reading Artist Journal #19

Scanner Experiment #2

Another hiccup from my good friend, the printer. I’m still not sure what these will become, but they are looking pretty interesting so far…

Scanner Experiment

I’m not sure what my printer’s scanner started doing when I was trying to scan some drawings, but it looks incredible! I love these little digital drawings. These drawings are made through digital means, yet in such a way that chance decides on the formatting; there is no way for me to plan how these… Continue reading Scanner Experiment