Artist Journal #36

12/13/17 I need to go back to the beginning; where the initial idea for the series surfaced. The history of the fabric swatches. There in lies my seeking of adventure, my exploration of the spaces around me, my obsession with abandoned buildings and repurposing lost forgotten remnants of time. These forms don’t exist elsewhere. They… Continue reading Artist Journal #36

Artist Journal #13

11/24/13 The work is about uncovering and recovering. It’s a struggle we deal with everyday. The switch between friends and public transit; work and family; home and car. We constantly have to go in and out between realities, personalities, projections, behaviors, truths, lies. Sometimes you can find those secret moments of revealing of the flaws… Continue reading Artist Journal #13

Artist Journal #12

5/2/13 The tension of revealing and concealing – white being a method of hiding/concealing, sewing/stitch being a method of revealing – both play back and forth off each other. Thick about precious vs. not precious – the peripheral as is or being fore-fronted as the precious – that subjective question of validity and value. 5/20/13… Continue reading Artist Journal #12