UPDATE: Involvement in ‘The Sketchbook Project’

Following up with my involvement in The Sketchbook Project in 2014! I now have access to their Digital Library documentation of my sketchbook. It feels like forever ago, but the ideas from that little book are still pulsing in my studio. The energy, the shapes and the experimentation with media continue to translate. My sketchbook… Continue reading UPDATE: Involvement in ‘The Sketchbook Project’

Large Scale Painting Completed: “A Breath of Fresh Air”

After going through many compositional changes throughout the past few months, and having began its existence in early 2013, this large scale painting has just now been stretched and completed this March 2014! What used to be a double canvas, un-stretched, hanging-free piece has now been divided into two separate works. With its re-orientation and… Continue reading Large Scale Painting Completed: “A Breath of Fresh Air”