Indigo Sky Community Gallery, Savannah, GA – 2013

I entered the room with a toolbox. Taking off my jacket, hanging it on the wall and rolling up my sleeves. On the wall, hung a stretched piece of fabric with a title card next to it; being presented as a painting: a finished work. I took this painting off the wall and began to pull out all the staples holding the surface to the substrate. Removing the backing to reveal a much larger bunched fabric hidden inside. Once removed, I spread the painting on the floor and it took it’s previous form: a drop cloth. The drop cloth that covered my studio floor for the past year. I returned the wooden substrate to the wall, an empty window to nothing. I left the room and re-entered with an armful of laundry. A towel, a sheet and a couple of pillow cases. I began to fold each one and place it on the shelves on the wall, ending with the drop cloth painting becoming again what it was before: a bed-sheet. I then rolled back down my sleeves and put on my jacket. Standing in-front of the empty substrate on the wall, I adjusted my jacket as if looking into a mirror.



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