Video Installation for Look Through the Gateway, Applied Science, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA – 2019

At the end of a compact, hallway-like space hung a ladder from the floor up. Three screens were stacked to simulate the pattern of the ladder, continuing the repetition in the video itself which was shot across the slates of a metal pathway out to the Nashville River. The variety of screens also play with varying heights of the viewers. Headphones were provided for sound. To watch the video click HERE.


The Beginning is the End, Perimeter III, ArtShare LA, Los Angeles, CA – 2018

A wall installation created out of remnants from the studio: fabric, paper and wood scraps, damaged paint brushes, monoprints and parts of an unfinished painting. Beside the visual elements was a constructed box with the sign ‘take one’ filled with printed cards containing thoughts from my journals with my name and a fingerprint of paint on the back. By the end of the show, all the cards had been taken.


Breathing Drawings, IN EX, Ashmore Gallery, Savannah, GA – 2013

A series of ink drawings on paper were hung by clear plastic thread and arranged in a simple maze structure. The walk-through piece featured loose and larger minimal drawings in the beginning with the surfaces becoming smaller and the imagery more dense until at the end was the final densely colorful sculptural paper pieces, hidden from the outside. A series of fans were mounted along the walls to create a subtle variation of movement to the lightweight paper creating the effect of the drawings ‘breathing’.


Build Up, IN EX, Ashmore Gallery, Savannah, GA – 2013

A constructed fake window structure mirroring the architecture of the building was hung on the concrete wall, giving the illusion of a long since boarded up space. The glass of the window was painted to give the sense of a ‘build up’ of dust and debris as a result of non-use. As an ephemeral representation of time, a glass jar with a dandelion was placed on the window sill. Over the course of the show, the flower slowly shed.

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