Foreign Part of Me

East Jesus – Slab City, CA – April 2019

The lump. The waiting. The abnormal test. The waiting. The ultrasound. The waiting. The mammogram. The waiting. The second ultrasound. The waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Until a piece of mail comes with the anticipatory word: BENIGN. It’s benign. Not cancerous. A sigh of relief. An overwhelming weight off my chest. This performance was a metaphorical representation of that fear of my breast cancer scare. The clay- a tumorous paste starting in my breasts and spreading to the rest of my body. The first bucket of water- the shock and discomfort of waiting for news, waiting for tests, waiting, just waiting. And the second bucket- dancing around and staling for its deluge. When finally the sweat release. A second wave of water drenching every possible inch of me. Then the breath of fresh air and stretch up to the desert sun.

Performance for Morton Salt Children’s Religious Revival – Year Twelve


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