Swine Gallery – Chattanooga, TN – 2016

The mirror stares back. The longer you look, the longer you judge. It all seemed perfectly in place. The suit I wore suited me. I took a moment to adjust the crooked frames of my artwork on the wall. I took a moment to fix my jacket collar and comb my hair back with my hand. But the longer I looked at myself, the longer I looked at my art, the more the doubt welled up inside me. I became so infuriated I took the glass frames off the wall one by one and smashed them on the ground. I had to leave the room. I had to remove myself from my anger. When I returned, wearing this time a dress and barefoot, I swept up the pieces of broken glass. One image remained within the frame, undamaged from my rampage. I looked at it for a moment, softening to it’s remembrance. Then hung it proudly on the wall once again.



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