Clean Up

Abandoned Site – Slab City, CA – 2015

First I was a painter. A visionary. An explorer. With fabric laid on the ground I began to paint confident strokes of yellow and blue across the surface. Expressionist marks with passion and energy and intention, my cape open and blowing in the howling wind. Then I became someone else. Someone different. I buttoned up my cape and it became a dress. I took off my shoes and became barefoot. I put my paint covered hands in fresh yellow sanitary gloves. And I began to clean. I removed the pieces of wood holding down the fabric. The painting reduced to the bed-sheet it was as I gathered it into a bucket for cleaning. Once it was fully drenched I pulled the sheet out of the paint and dirt filled water, hanging it along the laundry line with clothespins. I stepped back for a moment to let the fabric blow in the wind. And then I cut the line and let it drop to the ground.

Performance for Morton Salt Children’s Religious Revival – Year Eight


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