Artist Journal #40

2/25/21 I have no energy nor time to recap what I have missed since my last entry. I’ve begun painting after almost 2 months. It feels good to get started again. It also feels good to know my foggy brain and lethargy is a result of recovery, not a personal flaw. As always I will… Continue reading Artist Journal #40

Current Online Shows

“Call & Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 8” at Shoebox PR – Ongoing “Call & Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 7” at Shoebox PR – Ongoing “Call & Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 6” at Shoebox PR – Ongoing “Call & Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 5” at Shoebox PR -… Continue reading Current Online Shows

Past Online Shows

Make Plain at Gallery 825 – October 1-16, 2020 Markings Number Two, digital photography, 2020 Words on Printed Page at Gallery 825 – September 13-30, 2020 Non sequitur at Gallery 825 – Aug 29-Sept 12, 2020 An Eye for An Eye, digital collage, 2020 Exalted One at Gallery 825 – August 12-28, 2020 Waiting for… Continue reading Past Online Shows

Upcoming Shows & Performances

“AT LAST, ABSTRACT” presented by LA UP Gallery Reception & Artist Talk: January 11th at Monopole Wine Pasadena ______________________________________________________________________________ Diversity Walks & Talks: Collaborative Performance by Miss Art World February 8th at the LA Art Show

Twilight On The Pier / Live Painting

This past September into October, I was honored to be a part of the annual Twilight On The Pier art and music festival on the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California! I was one of three artists painting live and it was my first experience working outside the studio with it’s benefits and limitations. Here… Continue reading Twilight On The Pier / Live Painting

Artist Journal #32

8/16/17 Modularity. Multiple parts joined together to form the whole. When separate, they each carry individual moments. When together, they form a new cohesive moment yet still retain their individuality. If you take small shapes from larger surfaces, isolate them in single frames and then combine them together again in an entirely different pattern, does… Continue reading Artist Journal #32

Back from the Salton Sea

I just returned from an artist trip out to the Salton Sea and Slab City in the high desert of California. It was the 10th Annual Morton Salt Children’s Religious Revival; an intimate group of artists that explore the abandoned buildings and mysterious sights to see out in the bleached desert. On the trip, I… Continue reading Back from the Salton Sea

Studio Update: 2017

Hello everyone! As you may know, I have just returned to Los Angeles from a self-made artist residency in Chattanooga, TN. I’m in the process of setting up the studio again here in the city and I’m getting some painting projects underway. Check out the performance work I was doing during the residency at Swine… Continue reading Studio Update: 2017