2020 Year Long Project [Working Title]

The 2020 Year Long Project [Working Title] is a 366 day endeavor that involves writing, drawing, painting, poetry and photography – a compilation of life in it’s minutia – a daily muse of present focus – a divergence from perfection – an allowance of full exploration in five major parts: #1 PHOTOGRAPHS: Working with my… Continue reading 2020 Year Long Project [Working Title]


Hello fellow artists, If you reached this page it’s because you are interested in trading artwork with me! What better way for us to build our collection than trading and sharing each others work? Right now I am open to trading any drawing 11″x14″ or smaller; this makes it inexpensive and easy to ship for… Continue reading Trading

UPDATE: Involvement in ‘The Sketchbook Project’

Following up with my involvement in The Sketchbook Project in 2014! I now have access to their Digital Library documentation of my sketchbook. It feels like forever ago, but the ideas from that little book are still pulsing in my studio. The energy, the shapes and the experimentation with media continue to translate. My sketchbook… Continue reading UPDATE: Involvement in ‘The Sketchbook Project’

Salton Sea Art Trip 2014

These sketchbook drawings were completed while on a four day art trip to the desert, with a group of photographers, performance artists and adventurers. On this trip, I was particularly interested in the industrial factories and the surrounding desolate landscape.

Advanced Painting Sketchbook (2013-2014)

This is a sketchbook I hand-bound and began using in my advanced painting class of winter 2013. I still work in this sketchbook today, and it still proves to be vitally important to my current studio work.

The Sketchbook Project: Brooklyn Art Library

It’s done, scanned and sent off to Brooklyn! So glad I participated in this great global project. Look for my sketchbook in the Brooklyn Art Library in NY or online on their digital database. Or if you are in the area when the traveling bus comes to California, look me up!

Artist Journal #12

5/2/13 The tension of revealing and concealing – white being a method of hiding/concealing, sewing/stitch being a method of revealing – both play back and forth off each other. Thick about precious vs. not precious – the peripheral as is or being fore-fronted as the precious – that subjective question of validity and value. 5/20/13… Continue reading Artist Journal #12