Artist Journal #7

2/1/13 Creating a stain (i.e. mark) from a substance that is known to eliminate and destroy stains: bleach. Would this be considered a subtractive process? What will diluted bleach do to raw cotton canvas dyed with tea and acrylic ink and the water-proof surface of dried acrylic paint? 2/2/13 Some artists begin with delegation: composition, arrangement of… Continue reading Artist Journal #7

Artist Journal #6

1/28/13 As I was photographing my drawings, I was beginning to think of ways they would be hung, displayed. My work is all about edge quality. I love frayed and asymmetrical shapes/boundaries. I want to keep the torn and misshapen edges, retain that initial relationship with the paper; sometimes before images even begin and other times… Continue reading Artist Journal #6

Artist Journal #4

10/25/12 Hooks come out of caught fibers on yarn; the weight of gravity verses texture of linen. I’ve seen the hooks before – in the slaughter cave in upper village, gnawing at the weave of stretched, primed canvas, hanging the remnants of quickly painted figures from an earlier work. The hook is waiting for a catch, a dangling… Continue reading Artist Journal #4

Artist Journal #3

10/23/12 With the rock drawing, I was still thinking about contour, the exterior of the form/shape. Frottage collects information about the form, within its own boundaries, disregarding the linear edges of the form from which the texture was derived; capturing its index. This is similar to what my process is with the figure. By recording… Continue reading Artist Journal #3

Artist Journal #2

10/22/13 There is a great amount of similarity between drawing and painting and not in the way most people equate. Drawing is not merely a preliminary to painting, its an entirely different experience of material use and  mark-making. My initial marks in a painting, whether measurements, blocking in or gestural, always remain as an element of the paintings development and both… Continue reading Artist Journal #2

Artist Journal #1

  Unlike many of the visual artists I’ve met, writing closely ties in with my work. It’s a way for me to formalize thoughts and ideas into auditory, literary information. My artist journal develops alongside my work; in some cases ideas begin as words transforming into physical and visual means and in other cases, as… Continue reading Artist Journal #1