Artist Journal #19

6/20/14 Connections. Pieces connect together to create a new non-preconceived element of visual experience. The passion of creation is unparalleled by any other experience in my life. It is my drug, my escape. On this alcohol, I can let myself go and create incredibly manic and powerful marks. The intensity of working, of painting, of… Continue reading Artist Journal #19

Artist Journal #18

“Overlapping of Perceived Shape” Concealing, overlapping, skewed, misrepresented visual information. Cake. Caked desert. Harsh desert sand and heat. Red hot heat; not blood red. Tension, outlining. Lost imagery. Created boundaries. Depth by illusion and actuality. Continuous motion. Frustrated. Dirt, dirty, dust, dusty. Entangled. I saw the shapes. They came to me in my vision. They… Continue reading Artist Journal #18

Artist Journal #17

4/12/14 When I’m painting, I am at complete peace with my soul. A gritty, violent and ripping release of energy involving brushstroke upon brushstroke of anguish and yet meaningful visual coordination. I can’t stop painting. Even when I try going for several days without painting, I end up ferociously scribbling in my sketchbook or ruining… Continue reading Artist Journal #17

Artist Jounral #16

1/30/14 This journal entry consists of linguistic brainstorming for titles of my new drawings. Typically, when I am titling my work I will sit down with it and write out almost small stories about my feelings and reactions to the finished piece. Sometimes this journaling will involve memory of the experience of making it, or… Continue reading Artist Jounral #16

Artist Journal #15

1/20/14 It’s all about response; reaction; react. It’s about reacting to previous mark. It begins with the immediate mark, no matter what it’s based on, even if it’s based on pure instant automatic drawing; instant feeling; instant motion; instant hand gesture. It’s about action, most importantly. Action and reaction. Reaction to mark, to color, to… Continue reading Artist Journal #15

Artist Journal #14

12/20/13 Angry Drawing (Lg scale 2) It began with an unfinished and unsuccessful crumpling of primed canvas. It needed an element of collage; a physicality of deeper layers. I felt as if I was digging- masking and scraping the colors like soil and gold. The pearl white was like a shimmering of frost/snow/ice – beneath… Continue reading Artist Journal #14

Artist Journal #13

11/24/13 The work is about uncovering and recovering. It’s a struggle we deal with everyday. The switch between friends and public transit; work and family; home and car. We constantly have to go in and out between realities, personalities, projections, behaviors, truths, lies. Sometimes you can find those secret moments of revealing of the flaws… Continue reading Artist Journal #13

Artist Journal #11

4/12/13 More and more I realize my interest and unintentional endeavors into the importance and representation of the peripheral. The side elements that occur along the edges of a process are in a way just as important as the finished work that is shown as a sort of claim to completion and solution to a… Continue reading Artist Journal #11

Artist Journal #10

3/4/13 Because of my tendency toward anal-retentive perfection, the way I work is a way of combating habitual behavior. Experimenting with mark through tools and materials has taught me what seems like a new language or a new approach to acquiring visual language/information. Working against habitual tendencies opens up the brain to new neural wiring,… Continue reading Artist Journal #10

Artist Journal #9

2/26/13 The object is not what matters. What matters is the occurrence or moment that produced the object. What if the production was a performance? What if the performance also involved the audience, also involved their participation to be part of and immersed in that moment? What if making the drawing was a performance and… Continue reading Artist Journal #9