2020 Year Long Project [Working Title]

The 2020 Year Long Project [Working Title] is a 366 day endeavor that involves writing, drawing, painting, poetry and photography

– a compilation of life in it’s minutia – a daily muse of present focus – a divergence from perfection

– an allowance of full exploration in five major parts:


PHOTOGRAPHS: Working with my 35mm manual film camera, I am shooting in B&W T-max 400 film
**Each day I take a self portrait, rediscovering spaces and self daily and shooting ‘blindly’ with an extended shutter release cord, unable to see the result of the previous photographs.


SKETCHBOOKS: I fabricated sketchbooks for each month, with the exact amount of pages
**Each day I use drawing materials (no paint) to express shapes I’ve seen or thought about, keeping the past pages contained and out of sight.


LETTERS: Writing everyday in my journal, future letters to myself
**Each day I write freely with no plan or requirements of subject or length, and then seal each day’s letter into an envelope, isolated to be read at the end of the year.


BUILDING- I built 366 stretcher frames for 10”x6” paintings (objects) using all my scrap fabric
**Each day I approach the surface with visual ideas and feelings from my day, without referencing past pieces.


POETRY: Re-purposing books with black-out poetry
**Everyday I create poetry with existing words on the pages of the books I own. It all started with a tiny book I found in the local tiny library. The only rule: it has to be books I’ve read.

Updates monthly via INSTAGRAM @klcloonanart

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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