Artist Journal #37



Not simply hanging art. This is a chance to curate, not just hang. There will be other group shows where work can be hung. This is a chance to say something, to relay information to the viewer beyond the painted image. The collage series – faces in obscurity, collaged with high end interior design and architecture. Consumerism. These images can be paired with words, phrases, stories, an installation of sorts.

Humanity as it distills down to pure consumerism


Continued thoughts ART SHARE show:

“The Beginning Is the End”

Everything comes from something. It’s how we use information coming in that matters. My information gets clumped together, scattered, painted over, masked, hidden and revealed later unrecognizable. Sometimes the purity of the anger is too strong – approachable even destructive. It hurts to look at, to think about and to feel. It brings on memories and resurfaces pain. It is the embodiment of that rage that is a driving force for expression. Unlike it’s debilitating counterpart of sadness. Misery bring about stagnation. Stagnation then brings about more misery. It is in moments of silence that the world breaks down to its most barren and revealing parts. It is within this silence that rings fear, that rings emptiness.

The muse is a burning passion that incinerates the silence and yet it feeds on moments of contemplation. In hindsight all things have purpose. In the moment nothing has meaning. Living in the moment creates a purity of thoughts and ideas. Seeing that differentiation comes only in hindsight. Foresight crushes potential.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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