Studio C Gallery: A Space for Female Artists

Back in February of this year (2018), I had the pleasure of discovering an incredible, partially hidden space in the Santa Fe Art Colony

Studio C Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting and emphasizing the work of women artists. The Gallery Director, Peggy Nichols is a beautiful human being and astounding realist painter with a big heart and a belief in art creating and contributing to a wholesome community.

I am grateful for my opportunity to share two performances at Studio C Gallery, both for the Red Hot Wicked II show in February and this last weekends’ Mini Hot, celebrating and exploring feminine sensuality.


“Sanitary Satisfaction” was a performance exploring the self-identity struggle of what it means to be ‘sexy’. As women, we are always seeking a feeling of satisfaction with our bodies, both personal and public.


“You Were There” was a performance exploring the aftermath of sexuality, the fear and fantasy of conception, and the whirlwind of emotions I dealt with from my first pregnancy and miscarriage earlier this year.

Check out Studio C Gallery's upcoming exhibitions on their website:


Studio C Gallery

2349 So. Santa Fe Ave. Studio C

Los Angeles, CA 90058

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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