Artist Journal #32


Modularity. Multiple parts joined together to form the whole. When separate, they each carry individual moments. When together, they form a new cohesive moment yet still retain their individuality. If you take small shapes from larger surfaces, isolate them in single frames and then combine them together again in an entirely different pattern, does any of the original moment exist? Does it relate to the former or merely whisper the loss of information, the loss of context? How does it translate? Singular pieces viewed in a grid speak differently than each individual part on its own. Bonding together creates an altogether new motion, movement and energy.

Would it be stagnant or would it constantly move around? Would the stitching itself become an inseparable bond? Each moment remains clean. Each moment remains intact. Each moment creates a story. Together they create a narrative. Linear or non-linear? Is the story completed by its edges of does the complexity of forms imply a limitless trail of thought? A non-stop motion. An endless energy. An anxious obsession. A teetering sanity. Brushstrokes contained. Brushstrokes combined.

Shapes that float appear to have the ability to jump or transport; to move and re-position. Do the forms themselves need to jump off the page or can they linger like a ghost. Their combined presence in itself drive an image, though blurred and in-specific. From afar they would appear a grid, a system of mathematics, a cohesion of inorganic geometry. From close up they would appear broken in pieces, organic shapes bouncing atop the white spaces of void.

The form itself would have to encourage further analysis in order for the subtleties to be revealed. But they should not simply read as vibrant shapes upon a white background. They should push and pull from their surface like smoke. Maybe a glaze or a vinyl covering to push them further back? But they shouldn’t hide behind glass fearing the light. They should live in the light like a pale afterglow when the sun is too bright to distinguish details. The shapes should arise from many paintings. No two should resemble precisely. The slightest of variation keeps the eyes eager.

The color can stay consistent within a palette of sorts. The brain desires to decompartmentalize. It craves order among chaos. It attempts to connect unrelated elements of information. A grid satisfies our need for structure, and the organic forms quench our thirst for humanity. Together they form a communication deeper than on their own. An understanding beyond simplicity. And yet simple enough to observe. Like brainwaves: shots misfiring in perfect synchronicity. The human mind mystifies.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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