Studio Update: Tying Together

Getting fired up in the studio! This fabric series is really transforming and I’m starting to make some visual and visceral connections between my current experiments and both finished an unfinished projects from the past.

I’ve been obsessed with voids and holes, with shapes both pushing forward and receding back into space. Let me begin with two pieces from back in 2012. This was work during the winter quarter of school, months before my first abstract painting course that summer. I was beginning to experiment with color, shape and fabric yet still feeling tied to representation:


My interest in layers and floating shapes carried on into complete abstraction. This piece from 2015 that was never completed (lost in a move), pulled over those floating shapes, but consolidated on a single surface that played with its own sense of 2-dimentionality. Drawings from my sketchbooks around that time also show those asymmetric circles both contained and seeping into the surrounding space:

In the current in-progress series, there is a clear tie-in with these past muses, both materially and aesthetically. My research and exploration will continue…



By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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