Artist Journal #29


I figured out what it is, what’s been stopping me. I’ve forgotten what I loved the most about artists: they have fascinating stories. They have personalities and quirks. The image of a cigarette smoking, middle-aged man painting during an interview…

Modern Abstract Expressionists were romantics, ridden with passion and insanity, character and unpredictability. They threw their emotions onto the canvas; their joys and miseries. These powerful marks speak to the very core of humanity – a being riddled with chaos of chance. The lack of limitation allowed for greater exploration of human imperfection.

I paint because of that exhilaration; that moment of creating something that didn’t exist before; and a perfect combination of odds that it can never be copied. That surface a place for shapes, colors and materials to manifest through both happenstance and deliberation. There’s something satisfying about a bold black shape being slightly beneath a thin white surface – (thinking about Motherwell and Kline’s work – inspiration for the series “Out of the Mist).

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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