Artist Feature // Asymmetric Magazine

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Artist Feature in Asymmetric Magazine 2017

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An excerpt from the interview:

AM: We love your layering and use of mixed media! Can you tell us a bit about your process for creating a new piece and choosing materials?
KC: In my studio, I always foster an environment of playfulness. I make no preliminary sketches or planning, nor do I prescribe or name work before it is finished. I start with a surface or material that sparks my curiosity, search through my paints, pencils, pastels, inks and work with little direction but basic color palette. I view work in progress as unfinished, and I allow an anything goes approach, allowing myself to freely manipulate and play with the possibilities of the work. As I develop a series, I continue to refine the layers, isolating shapes and redefining surface. I collect strange paints and mediums, recycle and cannibalize older unfinished works and save scraps of old paintings and drawings for later collages. Nothing is precious until it feels done. Only upon completion of the work do I analyze them through writing and through writing develop titles and further tie together visual relationships.

Read the FULL INTERVIEW on Asymmetric’s website: CLICK HERE


By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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