Deceptive Clarity

"Deceptive Clarity"

Deceptive Clarity is a series of work created for my first two-person show in 2015 at my representing gallery in Sacramento, EN EM Art Space.

About the series: The history of mistake is fascinating because it is without fear and shame, without guilt and worry. It reveals the stark reality instead of denying it’s struggle for the sake of upholding a facade. The surface lends itself to chaos. It was made for this abuse, this obstruction, this abrasion. It presented itself as a possibility, as an open palette for receiving energy. My work captures a moment of jumbled thoughts, an inkling of insanity among sobriety, a glimpse at insecurity among structure. It comes from somewhere deep inside, from a spot barely accessible, from a memory long repressed, from a feeling long-since felt. It attacks in built-up anger and refines in apologies and excuses. An attempt at transforming mistakes into constructive usefulness. A deliberate lack of perfection – the visual feed-through of earlier layers – that is what the work is about; a reflection of humanity.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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