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“Optical Journeys: Joyce Nojima and Kayla Cloonan at En Em Art Space” by Justina Martino

A lovely write-up on the show “Deceptive Clarity” at my representing gallery in Sacramento, CA: EN EM Art Space.

M.A. in Art History and Gallery Assistant for EN EM Art Space, Justina Martino.

“Deceptive Clarity features Kayla Cloonan’s large multi-media paintings on stretched fabric and mixed media compositions on paper. By incorporating multiple layers of paint and other materials, Cloonan invites viewers to examine small details and investigate the intricacies of her artistic process. Her paintings are energetic and passionate. With several layers of paint, paper, and drawing, Cloonan reveals a complex inner dialogue. Like fragments of her larger paintings, Cloonan’s works on paper consist of saturated colors and abstract forms delineated by thick black outlines.

Unlike many artists, Nojima and Cloonan do not strive for traditionally polished, “finished” compositions. By leaving evidence of their artistry visible in the finished works, they give viewers a glimpse into their artistic processes. In so doing, Nojima’s and Cloonan’s drawings and paintings take viewers on exciting, visual explorations that they will not soon forget.”

Check out the whole article HERE

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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