Artist Journal #27


“Deceptive Clarity”

The surface lends itself to chaos. It was made for this abuse, this obstruction, this abrasion. It presented itself as a possibility, as an open palette for receiving energy. It received my energy. My energy comes out in waves of frustration and anger. I feel angry at what the world refuses to offer. Its pathetic how little is actually of any worth in this world. What are we working for in actuality? How can I ever surpass the negativity and is that the only thing that keeps me creating? Is it because I am dissatisfied with the world that I create additions to it, avenues of vision not yet explored? Possibilities of subtle moments, begged to be realized? What am I really making? I don’t feel at home in this city; this anger, this bitterness, this emptiness, this fast-paced, dirty, poverty-stricken, homeless city. How can I keep going when I know I want to just be by the water and in the grass and under the trees and nowhere near the desert that is the city of angels.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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