Artist Journal #26


< Sheets > It’s about the fabric, its history, the palette it offers in color. Three larger paintings, stretched unevenly so that the edges of the wood shows. One pink, one green, one blue.

< Paper > It’s about the shapes, the isolation of the space, the illusion of atmospheric relations. the final layers rely on former attacking layers of little direction, made to be later clarified from automatic drawing to neurotic execution.

< Sewing > The smaller pieces of fabric left over creates a palette for sewing and combining initial color palette/fabrics. They come together to experience shape and clarify their 2 dimensionality by being mounted on wood OR stretched as small canvases (wood panel boxes would be a good surface).

< Collage > Smaller collaged paper further exploring illusion of depth with precariously placed shapes that seem to float on the white surface of the paper.

It’s these moments of isolation, these floating shapes, that are fascinating to me. Where do the shapes come from? How do I find them in a myriad of possible edges. They stick out among an intricacy of background imagery – they fight to the foreground, but bring then attention to the background. They are circles, non-linear shapes; non-uniform. The associations are raw, the shapes form from nothing and are treated as such. Nothing is seen as sacred, everything is replaceable and able to be manipulated. Freeing the work of that fear allows for more experimentation and less acceptance of mediocre work.

The history of mistake is fascinating because it is without fear and shame, without guilt and worry. It reveals the raw reality, instead of denying its struggle for the sake of upholding a manipulating facade. It’s subtle in its history, but its exterior bold enough to draw in the viewer closer, thus revealing to them more information regarding its surface. Because without its history, it never would be what it is now. You have to go through the days of frustration and emptiness in order to get to the days of rich thought and ideas. Every 5th day I’m inspired, but I had to get through the other 4 days first.


By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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