Crowdfunding Campaign: First Two-Person Show at EN EM Art Space

This project campaign is to raise money to fund my first two-person show at my new gallery in Sacramento, CA: En Em Art Space. I plan to create a series of large scale paintings, taking advantage of the new possibility of extended gallery wall-space. This show is a turning point in my career, a pivotal moment for me as an emerging artist.

DONATE HERE: First Two-Person Show at En Em Art Space

The target goal of $2500 for this campaign will cover all the necessary costs of the studio, associated with putting on an amazing show.

Budget includes:

1. Travel costs for initial visit – see the space, meet the gallery family and the Sacramento-based artist to be showing alongside me, and discuss the thematic plans for the show.

2. Developing a new body of work – cost of supplies, time and travel to make these large paintings a reality!

3. Transportation of artwork – trucking these large and lovely paintings to the gallery for the show, and of course back home afterwards (that is, unless they sell of course!)

And it is you, the community of family, friends, colleagues and fans of new, that will make this fall 2015 show at En Em Art Space a success! And since Hatchfund is a non-profit, 100% of every donation to the project is tax-deductible!

Click the link to view project perks and DONATE NOW: First Two-Person Show at En Em Art Space

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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