Soaked Strings

Drawings from the series “Soaked Strings”

Soaked strings, streams of ink thick and thin. Clumps and pools, and vast deserts of empty space. The marks are an attempt at harmony and yet with a furious dissonance. Quick energetic marks play with the subtitles of each pigments application. The crumbling, gritty and dried-out quality of the white pigment spoke directly to my feelings of being burnt out and exhausted, and yet the iridescent green ink was a shimmering spark of beauty that enriched even the darkest solid blacks soaked into the pale yellow paper. There is a quick energy to the marks; a freshness to the stains that create the various shapes across the page. The stains create an illusionary sense of atmosphere – a deeper layer beneath the surface.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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