An Interview Kayla Cloonan

My first artist interview! Check out some in-depth info. on why I do what I do.

New Art United

Hanging The Remnants 2012 36x25 Hanging The Remnants 2012 36×25

What made you become an artist?
I didn’t have much of a choice in becoming an artist. Ever since I was a child I had a drive to create. The truth is that I can’t help but make art. I am obsessed with communication through visual and tactile means; it fuels me.
Is mark making an important part of your work?
Mark making is a central asset of my work. Every piece is a new experiment in mark making challenging myself to let go of control and allow human error and happenstance to develop preliminary marks.
What inspires you?
I guess I could say what inspires me the most in life is imperfection. I am captivated by deteriorating buildings, old frayed advertising posters and objects misplaced on the street. Everything is layers of miscellaneous shapes and colors, concealing and revealing.

Those Closed Shapes Sketchbook page 39 Those Closed Shapes Sketchbook page…

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By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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