Artist Journal #18


“Overlapping of Perceived Shape”

Concealing, overlapping, skewed, misrepresented visual information. Cake. Caked desert. Harsh desert sand and heat. Red hot heat; not blood red. Tension, outlining. Lost imagery. Created boundaries. Depth by illusion and actuality. Continuous motion. Frustrated. Dirt, dirty, dust, dusty. Entangled. I saw the shapes. They came to me in my vision. They appeared in front of me amongst the seemingly uncorrelated chaos of layers of color; dried and wet paints. They happen in a moments time. Shape recognition then single stroking motion of capture before the afterimage of imaginary shape is gone.



It was given partially done; a challenge. I chose it because it looked like a small book. A portable box of color. A handheld panel – painted surface. It had color, it needed negation of color. It needed whites to conceal, to overlap and negate the brightness. I punctured its surface, made holes through which waxed thread could trail through and entangle the circumference of this small book, to ensnare the color further into bleak, scratchy. It is solidly ensnared. Trapped within its own void of pale milky white. Stuck between clarity and obscurity.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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