Artist Journal #14


Angry Drawing (Lg scale 2)

It began with an unfinished and unsuccessful crumpling of primed canvas. It needed an element of collage; a physicality of deeper layers. I felt as if I was digging- masking and scraping the colors like soil and gold. The pearl white was like a shimmering of frost/snow/ice – beneath it marks chipped away or buried beneath. My work is always informed by processes of excavation. One image is folded and masked and thus transformed through flat or sculptural means. That perseverance creates a history of exploration – a story of creative problem solving. There is an abrasive quality to the surface, yet a warm and welcoming blending of the color palette. Stitching attempts to mend this skin-like fabric – a surface akin to the earth’s soil.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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