Artist Journal #12


The tension of revealing and concealing – white being a method of hiding/concealing, sewing/stitch being a method of revealing – both play back and forth off each other.

Thick about precious vs. not precious – the peripheral as is or being fore-fronted as the precious – that subjective question of validity and value.


It began as a landscape, grabbing colors from vision, using charcoal to replace living trees. Upon it’s completion it was set aside for months, resurfacing as an opportunity for a covering void of white. It was cleansing to have the white masking its unsuccessful attempt at reconfiguring vision. During re-stretching, it desired to be cut up and cropped. I was attempting to force it into a representation of lungs, dismally. Now it redeems itself in the current form. (Veins Beneath the Skin, 2013)

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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