Artist Journal #11


More and more I realize my interest and unintentional endeavors into the importance and representation of the peripheral. The side elements that occur along the edges of a process are in a way just as important as the finished work that is shown as a sort of claim to completion and solution to a problem. It is evidence of that process and its relevance as an on going quest of questioning rather then a fulfillment of answers. All elements of that quest are of use and worth engaging in whether it be the front or back of paper, canvas, photo, or simply just an after effect then readdressed: as in a stain. There is more of a truth in the peripheral, because it is unaffected by perception or subjectivity; it is outside the realm of personal taste or reasoning and becomes a statement of pure human mark and activity; an essence of the moment even more so then the piece being directly addressed. But do they get displayed together? Heck yes, they do! They all embody that moment of physical energy that I try to capture and feed through, and experiment through, just as much as the use of paint and tools involved in experimental mark-making in general.


In these relief collages, I feel as though I’m combining the subtitles of painting with the more abrasive and constructive qualities of sculpture. Paint brings surfaces of a three-dimensional object back to a flat plane. These raised and flat planes play an illusion on space.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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