Artist Journal #9


The object is not what matters. What matters is the occurrence or moment that produced the object. What if the production was a performance? What if the performance also involved the audience, also involved their participation to be part of and immersed in that moment? What if making the drawing was a performance and the drawing was simply an aftermath (artifact) or happening of that moment? The drawing does not preserve the moment, it simply stands in as a mere singular  visual representation of that moment. It is not the moment, but a representation of the moment. The painting, drawing, photograph is not the truth, nor is it a lie; it is an interpretation. Because of our inherent perception of the world through our senses, we can only ever understand existence through our own perception of space. When performance/installation brings the viewer/audience into the act of creating, the act of the moment, they are encouraged to become part of the sensory experience both through their own perceptive minds as well as partly through the perceptions of the artist. When artist Betsy Cain asked our class to pick up a paintbrush and add a mark of our own onto her canvas , it was an opportunity of engagement through which a person could cross over into the sensual system of another.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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