Artist Journal #7


Creating a stain (i.e. mark) from a substance that is known to eliminate and destroy stains: bleach. Would this be considered a subtractive process? What will diluted bleach do to raw cotton canvas dyed with tea and acrylic ink and the water-proof surface of dried acrylic paint?


Some artists begin with delegation: composition, arrangement of subject matter, color palette. For me, making art is an experiment – a series of occurrences, happenings, moments, connecting directly to human experience, the plane of reality in which moments are created from chance. Time is not linear, it is cyclical; my work is not seeking an end, a goal, a singular purpose or moment. There is no conclusion; each step, each moment is a chance in material, gravity, chemical reaction, made up of intuitive moments of tactile interaction. This is all followed by remote delegation, smaller moments of decision related to previous moments of chance. When a work is considered finished it is not concluded, but merely abandoned for a new session of experimentation based on previous occurrences within earlier work.


By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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