Artist Journal #5


Winter break back in my hometown is not a productive time for me, at least for art making, hence the long time period between the last entry and this one. As you know from a previous post about studio progress, I am back in the studio getting started on my projects for my advanced painting class at SCAD for the winter 2013 quarter. I have proposed to complete 5 small-medium size works. And so the journaling continues…
The hooks appear again, like hands held out to other hands, other bodies. The yarn/thread is an extension of my arm. It curls in and out, beneath and within the canvas weave. A relationship tenderly explored, seeking the means to an end with no completion to meet. The work is pulsating, it has a heartbeat. Each stroke is a mark of existence, a moment in time, an essence of my physical being, a stretch toward the spiritual, the unattainable. It is a seeking, a searching, a discovering, an adventure. Even the small samples of exploration have moments of their own. The paintings come from studies, studies from drawings, each preserving its own immediacy, its own moment; never precisely repeated again. The subtleties of mark are like the subtleties of life’s most mundane moments.

By klcloonan

Los Angeles Interdisciplinary Artist

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